**05-12 Blog – DELIVER

Present findings to an external


Engage in external evaluation

I decided to make the car the way it is because i saw a YouTube video of an egg car using a pringles can.The car had looked suitable to protect an egg from a crash test so i decided that should be what i base my actual car on. I adjusted it to the way the YouTube car was made to refrain the car from being to long, also so it could be in a better condition to go down a ramp. Also i had to use all the things i had on me at the time.

Reflect on the result

My car almost met all constraints of project. It was 1.5 cm too long, but it had a seat, seat belt,  and wheels. My process was for building the car proved to be successful due to my egg not cracking. During this project i learned that i don’t really need much time to build. If i was to improve something for projects done in the future i would improve on my time management.


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