05-09 Blog – DEVELOP

Test the solution

The first test with my car was successful. The egg didn’t crack in anyway. My car met almost all the constraints of the project, the only problem was the fact that the cars length was 1.5cm over the designated length.

Synthesize and analyze feedback

My partner told me to balance the car out because it tends to tilt when rolling down. Also he told me to use less tape, because it makes the car unappealing.

Revise the solution

Due to my egg not cracking during the egg car race, next time i’d take into consideration how the car looks. Because of all the tape the car was unappealing. Also i would fix the fact that the wheels were tilted. Because of the wheels changed the direction in which the car was going.

05-04 Blog – DEFINE

Personal Branding Define

The first page of my website will be the home page.

The second page will be a list of the best PC games as of now.

The third page will be list of upcoming games.

The last page will be a page of my personal favorites.

I’ll store my pictures in a folder in which its paired with the website.

For letting the user move between pages ill have tabs. When the tabs are clicked the user is sent to a different page on the website.