Final Game Posts

I don’t remember the link for the cte site so I don’t know what to put in each post. Even if I did I don’t think it would be somewhat measurable, I’m just submitting something in hopes that it would somewhat manage to give me a 65. Sorry for wasting your time.


Final Game Plan

This is my game plan

Ill use my collision code and build upon it to make this final game. First ill make sure the images actually come up. Second ill add in rules, and score counter, a health bar, and an end screen to the game.Next I’d also need to add in a background and background music.


Discover: collision.pde

Backstory : It’s about to be winter and the hungry chipmunk has yet to collect all of his nuts. So one day he decides to actually go do it before he starves to death during the winter. Everything is going great, but as soon as the chipmunk got to his normal nut collecting area, an eagle swooped down and tried to grab him.

Point of the game – To collect as many acorns as you can without dying.

How the game ends – Every time the chipmunk collides with the eagle, the chipmunk loses health. if the chipmunk gets hit 5 times it dies.