Personal Branding Define

The first page of my website will be the home page.

The second page will be a list of the best PC games as of now.

The third page will be list of upcoming games.

The last page will be a page of my personal favorites.

I’ll store my pictures in a folder in which its paired with the website.

For letting the user move between pages ill have tabs. When the tabs are clicked the user is sent to a different page on the website.


Cloner.sb2:Midpoint S.R

My original plan of this project was to finish the develop and design post last week as well as start the actual project. As of now i already finished the posts but i have yet to start the actual project.  I Think i could make it on time but ill have to work extremely hard. I might have to reconsider what I’ve thought out for the project, and make it simple.