Cloner.sb2:Midpoint S.R

My original plan of this project was to finish the develop and design post last week as well as start the actual project. As of now i already finished the posts but i have yet to start the actual project.  I Think i could make it on time but ill have to work extremely hard. I might have to reconsider what I’ve thought out for the project, and make it simple.


cloner.sb2: Define

  • What sprites will you need?

I will need a spaceship sprite, and an asteroid sprite.

  • By what event will the clones be created?

When you click space, lasers are projected and when an astroid is destroyed another one forms.

  • What will the clones do?

Keep the game going on, forever if possible.

  • When will you get rid of the clones?

Never, they continue to come, either that or until you reach a certain score

  • What part of the program may take longest?

Making it so that an asteroid is formed once an asteroid is destroyed.

  • With what part might you need help?

The part that’ll take the longest.