05-04 Blog – DEFINE




-Describe your plan for creating an egg car that meets all the project constraints.

For wheels, i will use either bottle-caps or push up pops sticks. For seats ill take a part of the egg carton out, which the eggs usually “sit” in and place it into the base of the car. For cushions ill use cotton balls. For seat belts i’ll use rubber bands. First ill cut the pringles can for it to be under 15 centimeters,ill then cut out a hole for the egg seat to go in. Next ill place in the wheels of my egg car. Then add holes for 1 end of the rubber band to go in and 1 end to go out so it could be safe

I am designing my car for a parent who wants to buy their child their first car. They want something that’s safe and comfortable. They would prefer if it was fuel efficient and cost that much.  I will know when my car when is successful when the egg doesn’t crack

**05-12 Blog – DELIVER

Present findings to an external


Engage in external evaluation

I decided to make the car the way it is because i saw a YouTube video of an egg car using a pringles can.The car had looked suitable to protect an egg from a crash test so i decided that should be what i base my actual car on. I adjusted it to the way the YouTube car was made to refrain the car from being to long, also so it could be in a better condition to go down a ramp. Also i had to use all the things i had on me at the time.

Reflect on the result

My car almost met all constraints of project. It was 1.5 cm too long, but it had a seat, seat belt,  and wheels. My process was for building the car proved to be successful due to my egg not cracking. During this project i learned that i don’t really need much time to build. If i was to improve something for projects done in the future i would improve on my time management.

05-01 Blog – DISCOVER

What is the problem/task you need to solve in this project?

-You need to make a car, for an egg, that would prevent it from getting cracked, after being rolled down a ramp, and into a wall

What are the most important “knows” about this project?

-The knows are,”your egg car will be put through a crash test by colliding with a wall after rolling down a steep ramp” “Your car should include features of real cars, such as wheels that roll smoothly, at least 2 safety measures, and an easily accessible “seat” for the egg. However, your car must be no more than 15 centimeters on any side” also, “you will document your process in WordPress blog posts for each of the 5D ‘s of Design Thinking”

What are the important “need-to-Knows”?

-What will the competition be like?

What information will you use to solve this project?

-Information given to me from the readings.

Where will that information come from/what resources will you have?

-The info would come from the readings given in class, and I’ll use part of an egg carton as the seats, old thin cloth, and cotton balls.

What are the constraints (limitations/requirements) of the egg car? (such as time, design specs, etc)

Meeting up to all standards.